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The company's activity began focused on the footwear sector. Since then, we evolved and grounded on the gained experience, we have expanded the range of sectors we operate in. Our flexibility and versatility allow us to supply a wide range of activity sectors.
Today, with more than 40 years of experience, we remain dynamic and motivated, but also eager to seek new challenges.
The numerous completed projects over the years provide us a vast know-how that will support our future challenges.
Focused on innovation, modernizing our equipment, and improving our production processes, we continually seek, day after day, to offer a better service to our customers. In this way, we also seek to expand the business areas in which we operate.
From development to final assembly, we put all our knowledge into our client's projects.


METALOPLÁS is a company dedicated to the manufacture of metallic components, based on the processes of stamping/bending sheet metal, cutting, and bending wire as well as welding. We are capable of manufacturing components, from their design to its shipping to the end customer, according to their specifications.
We work with different types of raw materials, such as iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, etc.
The agility of our structure allows us to respond to both small series and large series of components.


Our MISSION is to assure, and if possible, exceed, the expectations of our customers, ensuring the creation of value for all stakeholders. WE VALUE trust and commitment for profitable and lasting partnerships.


We strive for long relationships, not only with our customers, but also with suppliers. These relations are only possible with high levels of service on everything we deliver.
The systematic search for improving our processes, combined with a dynamic and flexible organization, allows us to deliver consistent levels of quality in all the products we manufacture.
At METALOPLÁS we believe that the company's social and economic sustainability is based on consistent levels of quality, continuous improvement, and respect for the environment.

Metaloplás is governed by the following principles:
- Continuously adapt the company's activity to customer demands, ensuring the creation of value for all stakeholders
- Promote solid relationships with customers and business partners.
- Ensure compliance with each client’s requirements.
- Continuously seek to improve processes.
- Foster a culture of innovation and creativity.



(+351) 256 463 586


Rua do Alto de Vale Pereiras
3730-415 Vale de Cambra